Getting started with EXA Finance's testnet.

🚧 Testnet is live here: https://testnet.exa.finance/

Please bear with us during the testnet phase as we may experience some downtime due to continuous application upgrades but also high traffic in our servers 😉

The testnet currently concerns the following products:

Community Airdrop

To be eligible for the community airdrop, users must perform a list of actions to earn a score of up to 20,000 EXA-points. This score will be converted into $EXA tokens at a certain ratio TBD (It won't most likely be a 1:1 ratio). Our goal is to reward the community for helping secure the EXA Finance application and providing relevant feedback.

List of actions to perform:

You only need to perform those actions once to be eligible. However, we encourage you to test them more.


Join our Discord channel

Join here.


Follow our Twitter page

Join here.


Dispense account

Dispense your account using the

super dispenser with at least one asset.


Mint NFT

Mint a NFT within EXA studio.


Create basket

Create a basket with at least 2 assets.


Create a basket on auction

Create an auction of any number of assets.


Remove basket

Remove a basket previously deployed.


Remove a basket on auction

Remove an auction previously deployed.


Purchase basket

Purchase a basket of any number of assets.


Bid a basket on auction

Place a bid on a basket.


Relevant feedback

Provide relevant feedback regarding the User Interface and User Experience. What needs to be improved within the application.


Critical bugs

Report critical bugs to the team with detailed report.


You must submit your feedback to validate your actions for the EXA Finance testnet here.

You will be able to view your points at the end of the program.

1. Wallet setup

EXA Finance currently only supports My Algo Wallet.

We plan to support multiple wallet providers soon.

1.1 Create a new wallet

To start off, set up a fresh new wallet on My Algo Wallet before interacting with the EXA Finance app as this will ease our debugging and reporting processes.


  1. Go to My Algo.

  2. Click Access in the top-right box.

  3. Create a password of your choice. You will need this password every time you access My Algo from this device.

  4. In the My Algo dashboard, click New Wallet.

  5. 25 word phrase will appear consisting of your mnemonic phrase.


    • Do not store it on a device connected to the internet.

    • Write it down multiple times and double check everything.

    Tips on Mnemonic Phrase

  6. Once written down in a secure place, click Continue.

  7. Pass a quick confirmation test and click Create wallet.

Do not use the account above as it is already exposed to the public.

Make sure to store your mnemonic phrase in a safe place as you may be eligible for a potential $EXA token airdrop.

1.2 Dispense ALGO

In order to interact with the testnet, you will need some ALGO.

To do so, dispense your account with any of these faucets:

You will receive your test ALGO within 5 seconds.

1.3 EXA dispenser

Make sure to dispense testnet ALGO before using the EXA dispenser.


  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Select an asset

  3. Dispense🚰

You will receive your assets within a few seconds.

2. Connect your wallet to the Testnet

Make sure to store your mnemonic phrase in a safe place as you may be eligible for a potential $EXA token airdrop.

3. Bug reporting

The application is not meant to be used on mobile yet.

Only use it on desktop devices while testing.

If you come across any issue, please report it here.

We encourage you to perform any type of activity using the app.

The more relevant feedback you provide to us, the more you will be rewarded as a Tester.

4. Feedback

We designed EXA Finance as a new value proposition to the Algorand ecosystem. To accomplish our vision, we need your feedback!

Tell us:

  • How you feel about the application

  • What gets you most excited

  • What can we improve

  • What would you like to see on EXA Finance

Please provide this information here.

Chat with us in the testnet channel If you have any issues with the steps to follow.

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