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What is EXA Finance?

EXA Finance is a Peer-to-Peer Multi-Asset Exchange for Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) running on Algorand.

More information here.

Why did you choose to build on Algorand?

We chose to build on Algorand because its PPoS consensus algorithm solves in an elegant way the main drawbacks that the current blockchain space faces:

  • High Decentralization ☑️

  • High transaction throughput ☑️

  • Low transaction fee ☑️

  • Low block confirmation time ☑️

  • Minuscule power consumption (green blockchain) ☑️

In addition to that, with a brilliant development team, we also believe that it is going to be a major player in the blockchain industry.

When will EXA Finance go live on MAINNET?

EXA Finance will go live on MAINNET once the exa smart contracts are audited which mainly depends on the auditing firm workload. However, we target Q1 2022.

When will you release EXA bridges?

EXA bridges aims to bring assets from other chains to EXA baskets and is scheduled for Q2 2022.

When will the EXA Token get issued?

The EXA Token is most likely to get issued after the mainnet release.

We have not done our TGE (Token Generation Event) nor listed any $EXA token yet.

How does EXA Finance generate revenue?

Our business model is simple: we take a small % fee in ALGO on each successful transaction that happens on the platform.

Where is EXA Finance based?

EXA Finance is a platform developed by the French company EXA Labs SAS registered under the number: 904520178.

How long will the incentivized testnet run?

The incentivized testnet will run for a month: from November 15th to December 15th.

After that, it won't be incentivized anymore but will still be live for testing new features.

Can anyone participate in the incentivized testnet?

Yes, anyone can participate. However, there are some requirements to be eligible that you can find here.

How to create a basket?

Please follow this section to create a basket on EXA Finance.

How to use the explorer?

Please follow this section to use the explorer on EXA Finance.

How to mint NFTs?

You must use the EXA studio to mint NFTs.

Please follow this section to mint NFTs on EXA Finance.

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